a rebound relationship

One can be said to be in a rebound relationship, if one can not get over the trauma of the past break-up and consistently seeks to justify themselves of being lovable in the present one. It is also possible to be in a rebound relationship if you have strayed from your present relationship mentally before actually moving on.
People in rebound relationship tend to feel terribly lonely and are found to be in a real hurry to commit, which can prove to be dangerous. The thought that the previous relationship didn’t sour due to their own faults, bug them maddeningly and they start to expect a lot from their current partner, especially if one just got over a long abusive or incompatible relationship. Often it is the sheer vulnerability that drives them crazy to get into a new relationship too early. This may result in another unfulfilling relationship or may turn out to be just an unfortunate replica of the previous one.
Alert yourself for being in a rebound relationship by some commonplace symptoms. If you spend the whole day recollecting moments you shared with your ex-partner, the recollection being almost always assisted with the deep piercing remorse, pain, grief or frustration or try to fit your current partner in the shoes of your ex to simulate the lost moments, then you’re unfortunately in a rebound relationship. Letting go is the only solution though it demands paining patience. You either can be in a rebound relationship or be rebounded in turn.
Both are injurious. Respect your present relationship and be honest. If you discover yourself to be rebounded, be careful. Indulging in your partner’s hurries will leave you nowhere except in dust. No relation is perfect and experiencing the time-bound healing SLOWLY is only thing that counts. The Magic of Making Up will help you finding your way out. Give yourself and your new relationship time enough to mature and utilize the pain you received to embalm others’ wounds.